Urban Canopy & Ravines

TREE CANOPY:  Toronto is fortunate, especially in Ward 32, to have so many beautiful, old trees. But many are nearing the end of their lifespans.  You may have noticed trees  disappearing in your neighbourhood due to storms and ‘old age’.

Another major threat to our tree canopy is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). EABs are small green insects that are rapidly killing our ash trees and are expected to kill over 800,000 ash trees in Toronto.

What can you do to help, right now?

  • balance the loss of the tree canopy caused by EAB by ordering a free front yard planting, and/or
  • order a subsidized backyard tree or shrub through LEAF,
  • if you are part of an organization, pass these suggestions on to other members, AND
  • you could get more involved by contacting LEAF to volunteer as an Emerald Ash Tree Ambassador.

For information on having the city plant a free tree in your front yard,  visit http://www.toronto.ca/trees/tree_planting.htm.  For subsidized planting of a native tree in your back yard or to become  a Tree Ambassador, visit LEAF’s website at http://yourleaf.org/toronto.

RAVINES:  For a useful link re local ravines, see http://www.gbna-toronto.com/ravines/



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