The Ward 32 Transportation Committee was set up in 2011 to look at the movement of people and vehicles in our ward, and to identify issues surrounding each mode of transportation, in order to develop solutions.

ward 32 transportation mapWe consult with professionals at City Hall to ensure the changes we would like to see are in fact possible and warranted, and then use this information to guide our solutions.  Solutions are then presented to the Councillor and the City.

Our most successful initiative has involved lobbying the Councillor and the Parks Depart. to improve the signage and ground markings on the Martin Goodman Trail, in order to increase safely and awareness.  New markings have now been painted at select points on the trail.  New signs must be coordinated with the Trans Canada trail and are in the works.

The Transportation Committee is a part of GW32 (as of 2013), and led by Adam Smith.  Updates will appear on the GW32 blog (home page of this website) and on the GW32 Transportation Committe Facebook Page:

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