Greening Ward 32 (GW32) is a community group of residents from Toronto’s east end  neighbourhoods (the Beach, Upper Beach, Danforth Village, eastern Leslieville … for details, see http://www.toronto.ca/wards2000/images/pdf/ward_32.pdf)

The group  came together as a result of town hall meetings orchestrated by Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon, and has a goal of making our community a leader in healthy, environmentally friendly living.   Membership is open to residents of Ward 32.  Volunteers are always welcome.

Our email address is greeningward32@gmail.com

6 Responses to About

  1. Lela Gary says:

    Are you interested or involved on Transportation issues in the Beach area?
    If yes, please, inform me of particulars.
    Lela Gary

    • greening says:

      We are not currently involved in any transportation issues. So far, our group has been involved with ‘green home’ projects (green fairs), and beautification/park projects in our ward (ward 32 toronto).

  2. jeff shnall says:

    Dear GW32
    I would like to make a donation to your organization to thank you for all the work and dedication that was put into the new garden at
    350 Beech Ave.
    It is a beautiful garden and I hope the community and local wildlife will get many years of enjoyment from it.
    So please let me know.
    Best regards
    Jeff Shnall

    • admin says:

      Dear Dr. Shnall, Thank you for your very kind words and the offer of support! How very kind of you. We will be in touch with you to discuss your generous offer.
      Greening Ward 32

  3. Susan Margaret Ruddick says:

    Are you interested in organizing around climate change mitigation (household or neighbourhood initiatives?)

    • greening says:

      Susan, sorry for not replying earlier. Our ward is no longer ward 32 & most of our members are now in a new group on called Kingston Road Village Community Association. This new group is actively working on beautification & environmental projects on Kingston Road. To join, please join the Kingston Road Village Community Association facebook page.

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