Meeting re TTC

Adam also reported:   “In October, Jason Self and I met with Councillor McMahon and JP Boutros, a senior advisor with the TTC.  We pitched a few ideas we wanted feedback on, namely different ways to have increased streetcar right-of-ways using existing streets, “hook” left turns (like in some cities in Australia).

Between Woodbine Ave. & Victoria Park, we proposed:
  1. decrease the number of streetcar stops on Queen St. by 1 in each direction
  2. during rush hour, disallow left turns in the direction of rush hour (to cut down on streetcars getting stuck behind cars turning left)
  3. add a rush hour only bus on Victoria Park that comes all the way down to Queen St.

vic park bus

The streetcar right of way had many complications we had already recognized, but we had some good feedback about it.  Councillor McMahon seemed very open to the other suggestions and informed us that when the new LRTs come in the streetcar stops will need to be adjusted anway.  A Victoria Park rush hour bus would encompass part of the next Ward east, so any move there would require involvement of both councillors.

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